How it All Started

Meet Fabian Ton, the Dutch baker from Boston known for his European pastries. Ton started Fabian's European Pastries over 16 years ago as a small business to cater to people who appreciate exceptional flavor and high quality cookies, cakes, tarts and pastries. Today, Fabian continues to expand his selection and hopes to share his products with a wider audience through farmer's markets and in the future, select specialty stores.

In 1987, he moved to the US after reading an advertisement in a Dutch newspaper asking for Dutch pastry bakers to start a European bakery in Boston. After that, Fabian decided to start working for hotels and continued to sell his European specialties to the Dutch community.

Shortly after, a journalist published an article in the Boston Globe after trying some of Fabian’s products, making his ‘Kerststollen’ instant celebrities. The article resulted in countless orders and many Americans now know their way to Fabian too. Years of experience led to impressive projects such as making pastries for the Royal family during their stay in New York, the Dutch soccer team during the World Championships in Orlando and the Tulip Festival at Hofstra University.

His broad variety of pastries can now be ordered online and delivered before Christmas!